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About Our Nest

perfect life spot's philosophy

Human life is a wonderful gift. Playfulness, spontaneity, love and joy are some of its beautiful aspects. When we are self-confident, we experience immense inner-clarity, purpose and passion. Perfect Life Spot (PLS) provides you an emotionally-safe space for you to rediscover the miracle called ‘you’.

We positively transform your relationship with yourself and the world. Are you ready to experience an amazing journey of self-realization?

In the past, our students have described PLS as the place where they experienced a “rebirth.”

We offer Foundational and Advanced courses in self-development. These courses inculcate life-skills that will make you happier and more confident.

Facilitator's Profile

Ms. Charnita Arora has transformed 10,000+ lives into being more happy. She uses her insights on mindfulness and emotional intelligence to facilitate individuals into emotional stability and courage. She is the founder-bird of Perfect Life Spot (The Well-Being Nest), that nurtures individuals and institutions towards effective self-management.

A former DU Assistant Professor of English, an Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Germany), DU Gold Medalist, Science Slam Winner (2014), Ms Charnita Arora is also a voracious writer. Her articles can be read on Elephant journal, Elite Daily, Yahoo, TheHealthSite, Business world and so on. Her book Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English e-published this year, has received world-wide recognition. She is also a candid youtuber.

Her experiential wisdom, gentleness and excellent communication-skills, have established her as a celebrated resource-person for national and international audiences. She is also a subject matter expert on well-being for various TV channels and newspapers.

And, a mentor with SHEROES, a network of 500+ women entrepreneurs.