Course Content

Perfect Life Spot offers the course in personality development under two categories: Foundational and Advanced Courses
“You deserve to be happy for who you are, an essence of life.” Charnita Arora

foundation courses

Transformation of the world into a more beautiful and a joyous space begins with transformation of one self. Before the world can see the magic in you, it is crucial that you recognize your own light. Hence, this course focuses on creating Self-Revolution Course .We shall plant the seeds of optimism and love within you and witness the glory of your gradual growth.

This program will take you through a journey of the self. By understanding your ‘automatic’ , ‘naturalized’ habits of thought and behavior. We systematically engage in your self-development.

advanced course

“If you knew you were the miracle this world was waiting for, you would not waste time thinking about unproductive thoughts.” says Charnita Ma’am

With a renewed perception of the self, you become aware of the infinite possibilities within you. This self-actualization opens up never before existent arenas for inter-personal relationships. Our advanced course translates your positive inner changes into more loving, happier and healthier relationships.

Having arrived at a beautiful realisation that the best you can contribute to the world is by being yourself. :)

We begin to explore the practical, professional, and social effectiveness of the inner-strength you have gained. It will develop your social-skills wherein you can contribute positively to your own growth and growth of the community. This course includes self-offering and development of stronger inter-personal relationships.