PLS Values

So, we all are an active part of this dream-project of making this world a happier place. We all mindfully nurture this well-being nest to warmly provide you with the nutrients for self-discovery, self-expression and self-actualization.


As a result, our classrooms are carefully-created, non-judgmental spaces where all the participants feel connected, safe, empowered, engaged and deeply-cared for.

  • Engaging Classes & Excellent Results
  • Lateral-thinking, engaging-interactions, colours, activities and a deep respect for everyone makes this space come alive with amazing ideas and excellent results.

  • Life-relevant
  • We provide an education which is life-relevant. You will succeed superbly in your exams, but you will also flourish emotionally, intellectually and socially.

  • Emotional-comfort
  • We believe that “The major barrier to learning anything new is not intellectual, it is emotional.”- Josh Kaufman. Thereby, the teachers are carefully skilled in Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) and Emotional-intelligence.

  • Quality-Mindfulness
  • At PLS, common sense is common practice. How do we provide quality education? By ensuring a team of loving, well-qualified teachers (who are often DU professors, NET qualified teachers and life-researchers). Each session is followed by a clear-feedback from the students. This ensures excellent quality and continuous evolution.