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PLS is a place which has changed my life. I want to say that it helps me a lot because i learn something new whenever I enter in this institution, also it gives me a certain kind of peace it washes all negativity from my mind. I love to attend the bandwagon concerts of PLS like concert of silence, I love this concert also the classes of English honors . I have trust on this institution also here we can learn a lot of things about mindfulness and we can learn that how can we become embarrassment resistant I want to add one thing more, that we can remove the somber thoughts of life and can adopt beautiful aspects in life . I think that there is a good balance between being a good student and being able to enjoy your life. we learn about gratitude also we are taught about self love at last but not the least I would like to conclude by saying that this is the best institution ever...

Himanshu Aggarwal

Informative and effective as the session of Emotional Intelligence was, it truly helped in acquiring the much needed life-skills. With a fair degree of personal interaction leading to a better understanding of self, the session was productive. The use of case studies and video clips facilitated the practical applicability of the concept in a much effective manner. The valuable lessons learnt in the session will help me deal with my emotions in a better way. Eagerly looking forward to such upcoming workshops. Thank you!

Neha Agarwal

PLS ,for me, personally is an institution which help me rub off the dust so imposed upon self by the years harsh realities and the world of 'grown ups'.through very simple and funflilled learning i have experienced a sense of peace and contentment which to my suprise was missing all along.we in the family believe and promote the feeling of kindness,love ,contenment,compassion and love.one cannot even fathom the level of impact of even an half n hour class of mam can make upon and the icing on the cake is super innovative,funfilled techniques used for the same..

Anshul Gupta

PLS is a place where 'magic' happens...this place holds a certain intellectual-spiritual-encouraging atmosphere which can not be found anywhere else. This place has transformed lives. Once you enter the institute..you can feel it..the energy..the peace of mind..and once you are done with the class..you hear a voice inside you telling you that "yes I can do it"..."its not that difficult as it seemed"...this self confidence plays a very crucial rule for you to reach success and an inner feeling of fulfillment. PLS is a little utopia in itself ...where nothing seems impossible.I can go on endlessly and write a book on this place. ..But I would conclude here...and tell you something very briefly about the owner-creator of this institute..An extremely extraordinarily wonderful human being...who changes lives and adds immense happiness and joy to people's lives. ..All I want to say is...I personally haven't come across a person like her in my entire life. So people join this classroom of life and experience something which you haven't been able to.

Sakshi Juneja
foundation courses

foundation courses